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February 19, 2020


     The Books in the Following lists is in college and University section have been processed and added to the library collection during last week. These are now displayed on new arrival shelves and will be available for consultation during library opening hours.


     These books will be issued next week. Please send an e-mail to Library or call Ext. 424 and for Intermediate Library Ext. 488 to reserve any of these books for you if you want to issue them next Week.


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     New Arrivals in University Library


Biological Sciences


            The illustrated book of trees and shrubs

Publisher: London : Octopus, 1986 ; c1985

Call no.: 582.16 I2986 1986


Business and Management


Business ethics : a managerial approach / Andrew C. Wicks... [et al.]. Edition: 1st ed.

Publisher: Boston : Prentice Hall, c2010.

Call no.: 174.4 B9792 2010


Corporate governance matters : a closer look at organizational choices and their consequences / David Larcker, Brian Tayan. Edition: 2nd ed.

Publisher: Old Tappan, New Jersey : Pearson Edu., 2016.

Call no.:. 658.4  L319C 2016


The legal environment of business : a critical thinking approach / Nancy K. Kubasek, Bartley A. Brennan, M. Neil Browne. Edition:  8th ed.

Publisher: Boston : Pearson, 2017

Call no.: 346.7307 K954L 2017


Business law / Henry R. Cheeseman. Edition: 10th ed.

Publisher: New York, NY : Pearson, 2019

Call no.: 346.7307 C5153B 2019




Schaum's outlines of theory and problems of microeconomic theory / Dominick Salvatore Edition: 3rd ed.

Publisher: New Delhi : McGraw, 2004

Call no.: 338.501 S1828S 2004


Econometric analysis / by William H. Greene. Edition:  8th ed.

Publisher: Noida : Pearson, 2018

Call no.: 330.015195 G7991E 2018


Economic theory / by Gary S. Becker Edition: [1st ed.].

Publisher: New York : Knopf : Random House, 1971

Call no.: 330.01  B38E 2008


History and Pakistan Studies


Constitutional law of Pakistan : text, case law and analytical commentary Vol. 1-3 / Justice Syed Shabbar Raza Rizvi

Publisher: Lahore (Pakistan) : Vanguard, 2005

Call no.:. 342.5491 R6273C 2005


Mass Commmunication


Journalism, gender and power / edited by Cynthia Carter, Linda Steiner and Stuart Allan.

Publisher: London ; New York : Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2019.

Call no.:. 070.4082 J864 2019




The conference of the birds / Farid ud-Din Attar ; translated with an introduction by Afkham Darbandi and Dick Davis.

Publisher: Harmondsworth, Middlesex, England ; New York, N.Y., U.S.A. : Penguin Books, 2011

Call no.: 891.5511 F224C 2011


Contemporary issues in Islam / Asma Afsaruddin.

Publisher: Edinburgh : Edinburgh University Press, 2015.

Call no.: 939.4956 A2587C 2015


The Qur'an : a philosophical guide / Oliver Leaman

Publisher: London : Bloomsbury, 2016

Call no.: 297.122601 L436Q 2016


Religious studies


تذکرہ الملوک / شہزادہ علی محمد خان خدکہ

Publisher: Multan (Pakistan) : Bazm-e-Saqafat, 2015

Call no.: 958.1 A3981T 2015




بلدیات کا ارتقاء / فرزانہ شہناز

Publisher: Karachi (Pakistan) : Baldia Uzma, [n.d]

Call no.: 320.95491 F247B




R for data science : import, tidy, transform, visualize, and model data / Hadley Wickham ; Garrett Grolemund. Edition: 1st ed.

Publisher : Sebastopol, CA : O'Reilly, 2017.

Call no.: 006.312 W6371R 2017


Data visualization : a practical introduction / Kieran Healy.

Publisher: Princeton, NJ ; Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK : Princeton University Press, 2019.

Call no.: 001.4226 H4348D 2019




مامون ایمن : فن اور شخصیت محمد عبدالقادر فاروقی

Publisher: Lahore (Pakistan) : Misaal Pub. ; BPH Printers, 2016.

Call no.: 891.439092 A1359M 2016