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Ewing Memorial Library


November 20, 2020


     The Books in the Following lists is in college and University section have been processed and added to the library collection during last week. These are now displayed on new arrival shelves and will be available for consultation during library opening hours.


     These books will be issued next week. Please send an e-mail to Library or call Ext. 424 and for Intermediate Library Ext. 488 to reserve any of these books for you if you want to issue them next Week.


Thank you for your interest in Ewing Memorial Library Services


     New Arrivals in University Library




The best short stories / Rudyard kipling.

Publisher: New Delhi : Peacock books, 2015

Call no.: 823.8 K57B 2015


The wings of time / Salma Mahmud.

Publisher: New Delhi (India) : Har-Anand Pub., 2012.

Call no.:. 891.43909 M215W 2012


Maps for lost lovers / Nadeem Aslam. Edition: 1st American ed.

Publisher: New York : Knopf, 2005.

Call no.: 823.914 A835M 2005


Of clowns and gods, Brahmans, and babus : humour in South Asian literatures / edited  by Christina Oesterheld, Claus Peter Zoller.

Publisher: New Delhi (India) : Manohar Publishers & Distributors, 1999.

Call no.: 891.1 O31 1999


History and Pakistan Studies


میرا جہاد : چک نمبر ۴۴۴ سے بکنھگم پیلس تک / طلہ قریشی

Publisher: Lahore (Pakistan) : Classics, 2014

Call no.:. 920 T145M 2014


زندگی کا انوکھا سفر : ایک سماجی کارکن اور مزدور رہنما کی سر گزشت / محمد تاج لالہ

Publisher: Islamabad (Pakistan) : Poorab, 2018

Call no.:. 920 T135Z 2018


مسلم حکومتیں : کیسی بلندی، کیسی پستی / رضی ا لدین سید

Publisher: karachi (Pakistan) : Jinnah thinkers, 2017

Call no.:. 297.092 R278M 2017


Pharmaceutical Sciences


Coronary heart disease : nature's way of prevention and cure / Abdul Majid, Asim Omar Majid

Publisher : Lahore (Pakistan) : Saira trust hospital, 2006

Call no.: 616.123 M233C 2006


Political Science


Parliamentary practice and working of legislatures in Pakistan Edition:  1st ed.

Publisher: Rawalpindi (Pakistan) : Muhammad Anwar Sulehri ; printer by Mahmood brothers, 2019

Call no.: 328.95491 P2528 2019


Religious studies


اسلامی ریاست میں قومی قیادت (لیڈر شپ) کے رہنما اصول : تعیمات نبوی صلى الله عليه وسلم کی روشنی میں                                                          

Publisher: Islamabad (Pakistan) : وزارتِ مذہبی اُمور و بین المذاہب ہم آہنگی, 2017

Call no.: 297.05 I824 2017


حکمتِ الہی / مستعین احمد خان

Publisher: Lahore (Pakistan) : Ajmal publications, 2012

Call no.: 297.2 M991H 2012




            How to be the best ruler : / Sajid Qayyum Edition: 2nd ed.

Publisher: Lahore (Pakistan) : Takhleeqat, 2019

Call no.: 361.305 S1583H 2019




پھُول اور چاند / ہمدم کامی

Publisher: Taxila (Pakistan) : Kami books, 2018

Call no.: 891.439 H9199P 2018


اردو افسانہ : ایک صدی کا قصہ / انوار احمد Edition: 3rd Pakistani ed.

Publisher: Multann (Pakistan) : Kitab nagar, 2017.

Call no.: 891.43930092 A6371U 2017


زندگی خوب صورت ہے / تنویر روّف

Publisher: Lahore (Pakistan) : Rawaan Academy, 2018

Call no.: 923 T169Z 2018


فسانہ عجائب / مصنف رجب على بيگ سرور

Publisher: Lahore District (Pakistan) : Sang-e Meel Publication ; Seventh Sky ; Urdu Academy Sind, 1999 ; 2019

Call no.: 891.4393 R1616F 1999