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September 24, 2021


     The Books in the Following lists is in college and University section have been processed and added to the library collection during last week. These are now displayed on new arrival shelves and will be available for consultation during library opening hours.


     These books will be issued next week. Please send an e-mail to Library or call Ext. 424 and for Intermediate Library Ext. 488 to reserve any of these books for you if you want to issue them next Week.


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New Arrivals in University Library


Business and Management


A handbook for company directors in Pakistan / Safdar A Butt

Publisher: Lahore: Muhammad Basit Hassan Foundation, 2017

Call No: 346.595066 S1281H 2017


History and Pakistan Studies


A leadership odyssey : Muslim separatism and the achievement of the separate state of Pakistan / by Sikandar Hayat

Publisher: Karachi Pakistan: Oxford University Press, 2021

Call No: 954.035 S5795L 2021


Pharmaceutical Sciences


Applied pharmaceutical practice / Christopher A Langley, Dawn Belcher. Edition: 2nd Ed.

Publisher: London: Pharmaceutical press, 2012

Call No: 615.4 L2839P 2012


Basic epidemiology / R. Bonita.Edition:2nd Ed.

Publisher: Geneva: WHO, 2006

Call No: 614.4 B7158B 2006


Cobert's manual of drug safety and pharmacovigilance / Barton Cobert, William W. Gregory, Jean-Loup Thomas.Edition:3rd ed.

Publisher: New Jersey: World Scientific, 2019

Call No: 615.7042 C655M 2019


Gray's anatomy for students / Richard L. Drake, A. Wayne Vogl, Adam W.M. Mitchell.Edition:4th ed.

Publisher: Philadelphia, MO: Elsevier, 2019.

Call No: 612 D761G 2020


Applied biopharmaceutics & pharmacokinetics / edited by Leon Shargel, Andrew B.C.Edition:7th ed.

Publisher: Singapore : McGraw-Hill Education, 2016.

Call No: 615.7 A6524 2016


Rowland and Tozer's clinical pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics : concepts and applications / Hartmut Derendorf.Edition:5th ed.

Publisher: Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer, 2020

Call No: 615.7 D4317R 2020


Mcqs in clinical pharmacy / edited by Lilian M. Azzopardi.

Publisher: London : Pharmaceutical press, 2007

Call No: REF 615.58 C6413 2007


Nanostructured biomaterials for overcoming biological barries / edited by Maria Jose Alonso and Noemi S. Csaba.

Publisher: Cambridge: Royal society of chemistry, 2012

Call No: 610.28 N186 2012


Applied pharmaceutical practice / Christopher A. Langley

Publisher: London: Pharmaceutical press, 2009

Call No: 615.1 L2832A 2009


Manual of drug laws in Pakistan: amendments and case laws up-to date / Andleeb Zara ; Majid Bashir

Publisher: Lahore (Pakistan) : Law books publishers and sellers, [n.d.]

Call No: 344.730416 A5528M 2021


Religious Studies


محمد صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم : پیغبر اسلام / کانسٹنٹ ورجل جیورجیو

Publisher: Lahore Pakistan: [s.n.], 20-?

Call No:





انتخاب زریں اردو نظم / تعارف و ترتیب خواجہ محمد زکریا

Publisher: Lahore District (Pakistan): Sangat Publishers, 2007

Call No: 891.4391 I6194 2007


نام میں کیا رکھا ہے : اور متفرق تحریریں / جلال الدین سعدی

Publisher: Karachi: Maqsood Danish printers, 2018

Call No: 891.4393 J26N 2018


درویش / ظفر محی الدین

Publisher: Lahore Pakistan: Nastalique, 2020

Call No: 891.4391 Z17D 2020


دہوان ظفر محی الدین / ظفر محی الدین

Publisher: Lahore: Nastalique, 2021

Call No: 891.4391 Z17D 2021


تکلم / تمسم شیروانی

Publisher: Lahore Pakistan: Sanjh, 2018

Call No: 891.4391 T112T 2018


گستاخ بخاری : (تنقیدی مطالعہ) مشاہیر کی نظر میں / شاعر علی شاعر

Publisher: Lahore Pakistan: Aks publications, 2019

Call No: 891.4391009 S526G 2019


بھید / محمد عاصم بٹ

Publisher: Lahore Pakistan: Sang-e-meel, 2018

Call No: 891.4393 A8327B 2018


New Arrivals in intermediate Library


Religious Studies


محمد صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم : پیغبر اسلام / کانسٹنٹ ورجل جیورجیو

Publisher: Lahore Pakistan: [s.n.], 20-?

Call No: 297.63 G499M



زر داغ / شاہین

Publisher: Lahore Pakistan: Nastalique, 2021

Call No: 891.4391 S5259Z 2021