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September 3, 2021


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New Arrivals in University Library


 Pharmaceutical Sciences


Basic concepts in pharmaceutical research / Bijaya Ghosh

Publisher: New Delhi: Cbs Publishers & Distribu, 2010

Call No: 615.1 G4273B 2010


Unit operations in pharmaceutical engineering / Yasmin Sultana

Publisher :New Delhi : CBS Publishers & Distributors, 2019

Call No: 615.19 Y29U 2019


Pathology practical / Santosh Kumar Mondal

Publisher: New Delhi : CBS Publishers & Distributors Pvt Ltd, 2019

Call No: 616 M7411P 2019


A textbook of pharmaceutical chemistry-I (Inorganic) : for first year diploma and B. Pharm / Muhammad Ali

Publisher: New Delhi : CBS Publishers & Distributors, 1995

Call No: 615.19 A3981T 1995


Rang and Dale's pharmacology review / Maureen M. Dale

Publisher: New Delhi : Elseview, 2011

Call No: 615.1076 D1391R 2011


Excel community medicine and public health / Mohammed Naveed Alam ; Amjad Hussain. Edition: 13th ed.

Publisher: Multan : Nishtar Publications, 2020

Call No: 362.10425 N323E 2020


Principles of fermentation technology : Peter F. Stanbury, Allan Whitaker, Stephen J. Hall. Edition: 2nd ed.

Publisher: New Delhi: Aditya Books, 1997

Call No: 547.29 S68P 1997


A complete guide to medicines in Pakistan : reliable source for day to day practice / edited by M. Quaisar Neeshat. Edition: 28th ed.

Publisher: Karachi : Pharmaguide, 2021

Call No: 610 C7375 2021


Dictionary of pharmacy / E. Edwin Jarald ; Sheeja Edwin Jarald. Edition: 1st ed.

Publisher :New Delhi (India) : CBS, 2018 ; c2010

Call No: REF 615.103 J371P 2018


Pharmacy administration / GVRK Acharyulu.

Publisher: New Delhi : CBS publisher, 2016

Call No: 362.1782 A176P 2016


Healthcare simulation : a contemporary guide for asian healthcare educators / Jewel Abraham

Publisher: New Delhi : Aitbs, 2016

Call No: 610.7 A1591H 2016


A guide to public health / Ziauallah

Publisher: Lahore Pakistan : Le Topicall, 2020

Call No: 362.1 Z64G 2020


Medicinal chemistry / D. Sriram and P. Yogeeswari. Edition: 2nd ed.

Publisher: Delhi: Pearson Education, 2010.

Call No: 615.19 S7742M 2010


Aulton's pharmaceutics : the design and manufacture of medicines / edited by Michael E. Aulton, Kevin M.G. Taylor. Edition: 5th ed.

Publisher: Edinburgh ; New York : Elsevier, 2018.

Call No: 615.1 A924 2018


Exam preparatory manual for undergraduates : community medicine (PSM) / Vivek Jain. Edition: 2nd ed.

Publisher: New Delhi: Jaypee brothers, 2018

Call No: REF 610.76 J254E 2018


Patient communication for pharmacy : a case-study approach on theory and practice / Min Liu ; Lakesha M. Butler

Publisher :New Delhi : Jones and bartlett, 2017

Call No: 615.1 L7831P 2017


Hospital administration and management / Zia Ullah. Edition: 2nd ed.

Publisher: Lahore : BPH, 2019

Call No: 362.11068 Z64H 2019


Jawetz, Melnick & Adelberg's medical microbiology / Karen C. Carroll.. Edition: 27th ed.

Publisher :New York : McGraw Hill, c2013

Call No: 616.9041 J418 2013


Pharmaceutical practice / D. Yashwanth Kumar

Publisher :New Delhi : Random, 2018

Call No: 615.4 K9637P 2018


Clinical pharmacology review / S.R. Saif

Publisher :New Delhi : CBS Publishers & Distributors, 2014

Call No: 615.1076 S1323C 2014


BNF 80 September 2020- March 2021.                          

Publisher: London: BMJ Group, Pharmaceutical Press and RCPCH Publications Ltd, 2020

Call No: 615.1141 B6619 2020


Selection, preparation, and pharmacological evaluation of plant material / Elizabeth M. Williamson, David T. Okpako, Fred J. Evans.

Publisher: New Delhi; New York : J. Wiley, 2013.

Call No: 615.32072 W7291S 2013


Pharmaceutical dosage forms / edited by Herbert A. Lieberman, Martin M. Rieger, Gilbert S. Banker Edition: 2nd ed. rev. and expanded.

Publisher: New York : Marcel Dekker, 1996

Call No: 615.19 P5361 1996


Natural products : chemistry and applications / Sujata V Bhat; Bhimsen A Nagasampagi; Meenakshi Sivakumar

Publisher: New Delhi: Narosa, 2009

Call No: 660.63 B5754N 2009


Drugs in anesthetic and intensive care practice / by M.D. Vickers [and others]. Edition: 8th Ed.

Publisher :Oxford : Butterworth Heinemann, 1999

Call No: 615.1024 D7947 1999


Practical Pathology: including clinical pathology, clinical haematology, clinical chemistry, special pathology, basic histopathology, cytopathology, fnac, histopathological techniques, clinical biochemistry and autopsy / P. Chakraborty

Publisher :Kolkata : New Central Book Agency Ltd., 2013

Call No: 616.07 C4356P 2013


Hugo and Russell's pharmaceutical microbiology / edited by Stephen P. Denyer... [et al.]. Edition: 8th ed.

Publisher :Chichester, West Sussex, UK ; Hoboken, NJ : Wiley-Blackwell, 2011

Call No: 615.101579 H895 2011


Naplex : review guide / edited by S. Scott Sutton. Edition: 2nd ed.

Publisher: New York : McGraw, 2015

Call No: 615.1 S9672N 2015


Pharmaceutical Calculations/ Ashutosh Kar

Publisher: New Dehli : Medtek, 2014

Call No: 615.14 K1811P 2014


Hawk's physiological chemistry / edited by P.S. Kalsi. Edition:14th updated and revised ed.

Publisher: New Delhi : MedTec, 2015.

Call No: 612.015 K148H 2015


Validation of pharmaceutical processes : Sterile products / edited by Frederick J. Carleton, James P. Agalloco. Edition: 2nd ed., rev. and expanded

Publisher: New York : Marcel Dekker, 1999

Call No: 615.19 V172 1999


Clinical pharmacy and therapeutics / edited by Cate Whittlesea, Karen Hodson. Edition: Sixth edition.

Publisher : [Publication place not identified] : Elsevier, 2019.

Call No: 615.58 C6413 2019


Basic and clinical pharmacology / edited by Bertram G. Katzung, Susan B. Masters, Anthony J. Trevor

Publisher: New Delhi: McGraw Hill Edu., 2015

Call No: 615.1 B3111 2015