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March 30, 2021


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     New Arrivals in University Library



Biological Sciences

Social Pharmacy / Compiled by Lorraine Smith. Edition: 7th ed.

Publisher: Sydney : McGraw Hill, 2015

Call no.: 362.1782 S6781 2015



Sociolinguistics : the essential readings / edited by Christina Bratt Paulston and G. Richard Tucker.

Publisher: Malden, MA : Blackwell Pub., 2003.

Call no.: 306.44 S6789 2003


History and Pakistan Studies

Recurrent patterns in Punjabi poetry / Najm Hosain Syed

Publisher: Lahore (Pakistan) : Justin group, 2003

Call no.: 891.421009 N162R 2003


Pharmaceutical Sciences

Robbins and Cotran atlas of pathology / Edward C. Klatt. Edition: 4th ed.

Publisher: Philadelphia: Elsevier, Inc, 2021

Call no.: REF 616.070222 K635R 2021


Applied biopharmaceutics & pharmacokinetics / editors, Leon Shargel, Andrew B.C. Yu. Edition: 7th ed.

Publisher: New York : McGraw-Hill Education, 2016

Call no.: 615.7 A6524 2016


Community pharmacy : symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment / Paul Rutter, David Newby. Edition:  3rd Australian and New Zealand ed.

Publisher: Chatswood, NSW ; Australia : Elsevier, 2016

Call no.: 362.1782 R982C 2016


Pharmacotherapy handbook / Barbara G. Wells; Joseph T. DiPiro; Terry L. Schwinghammer; Cecily V. DiPiro. Edition:  10th ed.

Publisher: New York : McGraw-Hill, 2017

Call no.: REF 615.58 P5366 2017


Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics : questions for self assessment / by Timothy G.K. Mant... [et al.]. Edition: 3rd ed.

Publisher: London : CRC, 2008.

Call no.: 615.1076 C6413 2008


Mcq's in pharmacology / Jayant S. Kulkarni. Edition: 1st ed. 

Publisher: New Delhi (India) : CBS, 2017 ; c2007

Call no.: 615.1076 K9631M 2017


Clinical pharmacology review / S. R. Saif . Edition: 1st ed.

Publisher: New Delhi (India) : CBS, 2009

Call no.: 613.2 S1323C 2009


Textbook of pharmacognosy : according ton the new syllabus as prescribed by PCI in education regulations, 1991 implemented in the year 1993 / Mohammed Ali. Edition: 2nd ed.

Publisher: New Delhi : CBS, 2018

Call no.: 615.1 A3981T 2018


A text book of pharmaceutical chemistry 1 : inorganic, for first year diploma & B. Pharm. : according to new syllabus as prescribed by P.C.I. in education regulation 1991, implemented in the year 1993 / by Mohammed Ali.

Publisher: New Delhi : CBS, 1995.

Call no.: 615.2 A3981T 2014


Nanotechnology applied to pharmaceutical technology / edited by Mahendra Rai, Carolina Alves dos Santos. Edition: 1st ed.

Publisher: Cham : Springer Int. Pub. : Imprint: Springer, 2017.

Call no.: 615.19 N186 2017


Neonatal pharmacology and nutrition update / edited by Francis Mimouni; John N. Van den Anker

Publisher: Basel : Karger, 2015

Call no.: 618.9201 N438 2015


Drug design / Balkishen Razdan

Publisher: New Delhi : CBS publishers, 2012

Call no.: 615.19 R278D 2012


Clinical pharmacology and rational therapeutics / R. V. Rataboli Edition: 2nd ed.

Publisher: New Delhi (India) : Ane Books, 2013 ; c2010

Call no.: 615.1 R232C 2013


Drug screening methods / SK Gupta Edition: 3rd ed.

Publisher: New Delhi (India) : Jaypee, 2016

Call no.: 615.19 G9775D 2016


Pharmaceutical analysis / P.D. Chaithanya Sudha

Publisher: New Delhi (India) : Pearson, 2013

Call no.: 615.19015 S9437P 2013


Clinical pharmacy and hospital drug management / David H. Lawson and R. Michael E. Richards. Edition: 2nd ed.

Publisher: New Delhi : Medtech, 2017.

Call no.: 362.1782 L4252C 2017


Inorganic controlled release technology : materials and concepts for advanced drug formulation / Xiang Zhang, Mark Cresswell

Publisher: Oxford : Elsevier, 2016

Call no.: 660.2 Z632I 2016


Pharmacy and the US health care system / edited by Michael Ira Smith, Albert I. Wertheimer and Jack E. Fincham. Edition:  4th ed.

Publisher: London : Pharmaceutical press, 2013

Call no.: 362.17820973 P5366 2013


Pharmaceutical analysis : theory methodlogy and drug assay / Ashutosh Kar.

Publisher: New Delhi : CBS Publishers, c2015.

Call no.: 615.19 K1811P 2015


The International pharmacopoeia : Pharmacopoea internationalis. v.1,2 and suppl.  Edition: 4th ed.

Publisher: Geneva : World Health Organization, 2006   >

Call no.: 615.11 I61217 2006


Pharmacognosy / Mohammad Ali. 2v. Edition: 1st ed.

Publisher: New Delhi (India) : CBS 2008

Call no.: 615.321 A3981P 2008


Clinical pharmacology / Morris J. Brown, Pankaj Sharma...[et. al.] Edition: 12th ed.

Publisher: Edinburgh : Elsevier, 2019.

Call no.: 615.1 B8771C 2019


Pharmacognosy / Varro E. Tyler, Lynn R. Brady, James E. Robbers Edition: 9th ed.

Publisher: Philadelphia : Lea and Febiger, 1988

Call no.: 615.321 T981P 1988


Pharmaceutical jurisprudence / Basavarag K. Nanjwade ; Gurudev M. Hiremath Edition:  1st ed.

Publisher: New Delhi (India) : CBS, 2018 ; c2011

Call no.: 614.35 N182P 2018


Medical pharmacology / Padmaja Udaykumar Edition: 4th ed.

Publisher: New Delhi (India) : CBS, 2013

Call no.: 615.1 U18M 2013


Community pharmacology : a problem based approach / Mir Misbahuddin...[]

Publisher: New Delhi (India) : Jaypee, 2000

Call no.: 615.1 M67812C 2000


Anatomy and physiology : theory and practical for diploma in pharmacy students / Krishna Garg...[] Edition:  1st ed.

Publisher: New Delhi (India) : CBS, 2019

Call no.: 612 G2316A 2019


Ayurvedic drugs and their plant sources  / V.V. Sivarajan and  Indira Balachandran.

Publisher: New Delhi (India) : Oxford and IBH publishing Co, 1994 ; 2017.

Call no.: 615.53 S488A 2017


Drug information : a guide for pharmacists / editors, Patrick M. Malone, Meghan J. Malone, Sharon K. Park Edition: 6th ed.

Publisher: New York : McGraw-Hill Edu., 2018

Call no.: 615.1 D7943 2018


Pharmaceutical analysis : a textbook for pharmacy students and pharmaceutical chemists / David G. Watson with contributions by Bhavik A. Patel Edition: 5th ed.

Publisher: Edinburgh ; New York : Elsevier, 2021 ; 2017.

Call no.: 615.19 W3371P 2021


Wisdom from the pharmacy leadership trenches / Toby Clark, Sara J. White,

Publisher: Bethesda, MD : American Society of Health-System Pharmacists, 2015

Call no.: 615.10684 C5921W 2015


BNF 80 September 2020- March 2021.

Publisher: London : BMJ Group, Pharmaceutical Press and RCPCH Publications Ltd, 2020

Call no.: 615.1141 B6619 2020


Undergraduate pharmacology for medical students / Mukhopadhyay K. Edition: 3rd ed.

Publisher: New Delhi (India) : CBS, 2018

Call no.: 615 M9539U 2018


Medical pharmacology / PR Sengupta Edition: 2nd ed.

Publisher: New Delhi (India) : CBS, 2016

Call no.: 615.1 S476M 2016


Pharmaceutical analysis : theory methodlogy and drug assay / Ashutosh Kar.

Publisher: New Delhi : CBS Publishers, c2015.

Call no.: 615.19 K1811P 2015


Microbiology for medical laboratory technology students / D. R. Arora

Publisher: New Delhi  (India): CBS, 2018

Call no.: 616.9041 A7698M 2018


Clinical microbiology / Keith Struthers. Edition: 2nd ed.

Publisher: Boca Raton : CRC Press, 2018

Call no.: 614.57 S9278C 2018


Pharmacology / George M. Brenner Edition:  4th ed.

Publisher: Philadelphia, PA ; New Delhi (India) : Elsevier, 2013

Call no.: 615.105 B8386P 2013


Anatomy and physiology : an integrative approach / Michael P McKinley; Valerie Dean O'Loughlin; Theresa Stouter Bidle Edition: 3rd ed.

Publisher: New York, NY : McGraw Hill Edu., 2019

Call no.: 611 M4788A 2019


Pharmacotherapy : a pathophysiologic approach / editors, Joseph T. DiPiro, Robert L. Talbert, Gary C. Yee, Gary R. Matzke, Barbara G. Wells, L. Michael Posey ; associate editors, Vicki Ellingrod, Stuart Haines, Thomas Nolin. Edition:  10th ed.

Publisher: New York : McGraw-Hill Education, 2017

Call no.: 615.58 P5366 2017


Remington : the science and practice of pharmacy / Editors, Adeboye Adejare... [Et al.] Edition: 23th ed.

Publisher: Philadelphia : Elsevier, 2021.

Call no.: 615.1 R388 2021


The Merck manual of diagnosis and therapy / editor-in-chief, Robert S. Porter;  Justin L. Kaplan;  Richard B. Lynn and Madhavi T. Reddy Edition: 20th ed.

Publisher: Whitehouse Station, NJ : Merck, 2018

Call no.: REF 616.075 M5558 2018


Pharmaceutical analysis / Anees A. Siddiqui Edition: 3rd ed.

Publisher: New Delhi (India) : CBS, 2017 ; c2014

Call no.: 615.19015 S5684P 2017


Pathology illustrated / Edited by Fiona Roberts ; Elaine MacDuff ; original illus. by Robin Callander ; new illus. by Ian Ramsden. Edition: 8th ed.

Publisher: Edinburgh ; New York : Elsevier/Churchill Livingstone, c202019

Call no.: 616.07 P2976 2019


Basic concepts in pharmacology : what you need to know for each drug class / Janet L. Stringer. Edition: 5th ed.

Publisher: New York : McGraw-Hill Medical, 2017

Call no.: 615.1 S9183B 2017


Pharmacotherapy principles & practice study guide : a case-based care plan approach / editors, Michael D. Katz, Kathryn R. Matthias, Marie A. Chisholm-Burns. Edition: 4th ed.

Publisher: New York : McGraw-Hill Edu., 2017

Call no.: 615.58 P5366 2017


Cobert's manual of drug safety and pharmacovigilance / Barton Cobert, William W. Gregory, Jean-Loup Thomas Edition: 3rd ed.

Publisher: New Jersey : World Scientific, 2019

Call no.: 615.7042 C655M 2019


Muir's textbook of pathology / Robert Muir ; ed. by C. Simon Herrington Edition: 16th ed.

Publisher: Boca Raton : CRC, 2020

Call no.: 616.07 M9531M 2020

Pathologic basis of disease / Stanley L. Robbins, Ramzi S. Cotran, Vinay Kumar. Edition: 10th ed.

Publisher: Philadelphia : Saunders, 2021

Call no.: 616.07 R632P 2021


Gray's anatomy for students / Richard L. Drake, A. Wayne Vogl, Adam W.M. Mitchell. Edition: 4th ed.

Publisher: Philadelphia, MO : Elsevier, 2019.

Call no.: 612 D761G 2020


Essentials of Foyes principles of medicinal chemistry / Thomas L. Lemke, S. William Zito, Victoria F. Roche...[et al.]. Edition: South Asian Edition.

Publisher: New Delhi : Wolters Kluwer, 2017.

Call no.: 616.0756 E786 2017


Abraham's and McMinn's clinical atlas of human anatomy / Peter H. Abrahams; Jonathan D. Spratt; Marios Loukas; Albert-Neels Van Schoor Edition: 8th ed.

Publisher: Edinburgh : Elsevier, 2020.

Call no.: 611 A1596 2020


Essentials of Pharmacology / Jennifer, Danielson.

Publisher: New Delhi : Medtec, 2014.

Call no.: 615 J541E 2014


A practical approach to pharmaceutical analysis : instrumental and manual for B. pharmacy and M. pharmacy students / edited by Rajesh Kumar Nema, S. N. Meyyanathan...[et. al.] Edition: 1st ed.

Publisher: New Delhi (India) : CBS, 2017 ; c2008

Call no.: 615.1901 P8952 2017



            تخت لاہور / نجم حسين سيد

Publisher: Lahore (Pakistan) : Majlis Shah Hussain, [n d.]

Call no.: 891.423 N162T