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January 19, 2018


     The Books in the Following lists is in college and University section have been processed and added to the library collection during last week. These are now displayed on new arrival shelves and will be available for consultation during library opening hours.


     These books will be issued next week. Please send an e-mail to Library or call Ext. 424 and for Intermediate Library Ext. 488 to reserve any of these books for you if you want to issue them next Week.


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New Arrivals in University Library


Computer Sciences and IT

Software engineering / Ian Sommerville. Edition: 10th edition.

Publisher: Noida (India) : Pearson India Education, 2017.

Call Number: 005.1 S6977S 2017


Cryptography and network security : principles and practice / William Stallings. Edition: 7th edition.

Publisher: Noida (India) : Pearson India Education, 2017.

Call Number: 005.8 S7827C 2017


Distributed and cloud computing : from parallel processing to the Internet of things / Kai Hwang, Geoffrey C. Fox and Jack J. Dongarra.

Publisher: New Delhi : Morgan Kauffman/Elsevier, 2012.

Call Number: 004.6782 H991D 2012


Distributed systems : concepts and design / George Coulouris... [et al.]. Edition: 5th edition.

Publisher: Noida (India) : Pearson India Education, 2017.

Call Number: 004.36 D6143 2017


Introduction to the design and analysis of algorithms / Anany Levitin ; International edition contributions by Soumen Mukherjee, Arup Kumar Bhattacharjee. Edition: 3rd edition.

Publisher: Noida (India) : Pearson India Education, 2017.

Call Number: 005.1 L6664I 2017



Organic lab manual / Shailendra Kumar Sinha.

Publisher: New Delhi (India) : Atlantic Publishers, 2011.

Call Number: 547 S6178O 2011


Concise inorganic chemistry / J.D. Lee.Edition: 5th edition.

Publisher: New Delhi : Wiley India, 2017.

Call Number: 546 L4771C 2017


Biochemistry : with biomedical concepts, clinical correlates & case studies / U. Satyanarayana and U. Chakrapani. Edition: 5th edition.

Publisher: Kolkata : Books & Allied, 2017.

Call Number: 572 S254B 2017


Environmental chemistry / Stanley Manahan. Edition: 10th edition.

Publisher: New York ; Boca Raton : CRC Press, 2017.

Call Number: 577.14 M2669E 2017


Organic chemistry / Jonathan Clayden, Nick Greeves and Stuart Warren. Edition: 2nd edition.

Publisher: New Delhi : Oxford University Press, 2012.

Call Number: 547 C6221O 2012


Physical chemistry / David W. Ball ; with contributions by Tomas Baer. Edition: 2nd edition.

Publisher: New Delhi : Cengage Learning, 2015.

Call Number: 541 B1871P 2015


General, organic, & biological chemistry / Janice Gorzynski Smith. Edition: 3rd edition.

Publisher: New York, NY : McGraw-Hill Education, 2016.

Call Number: 540 S6421G 2016


Organic reactions and their mechanisms / A. Mohamed Sikkander and Noor Shawal Nasri.

Publisher: New Delhi : Viva Books, 2016.

Call Number: 547.2 S5797O 2016


Organic chemistry as a second language : first semester topics / David Klein. Edition: 3rd edition.

Publisher: Hoboken, NJ : John Wiley & Sons, c2012.

Call Number: 547 K641O 2012


Handbook of forensic analytical toxicology / A.K. Jaiswal, Tabin Millo.

Publisher: New Delhi : Jaypee Brothers Medical Pub., 2014.

Call Number: 614.13 J256H 2014


Principles of organic chemistry / Robert J. Ouellette, J. David Rawn.

Publisher: New Delhi : Elsevier, 2015.

Call Number: 547 O933P 2015


Principles and problems in physical chemistry for biochemists / Nicholas C. Price... [et al.]. Edition: 3rd edition.

Publisher: Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2001.

Call Number: 541 P9573 2001


History and Pakistan Studies

A history of Britain : the age of reason and the industrial revolution 1714-1832 / EH Carter and RAF Mears.

Publisher: London : Stacey International, 2010.

Call Number: 941.07 C3231H 2010


Political Sciences

The political philosophy of Rousseau / by Roger D. Masters.

Publisher: Princeton, Nj  : Princeton University Press, 1968.

Call Number: 320.01 M4235P 1968


What is subjectivity? / by Jean-Paul Sartre ; translated by David Broder and Trista Selous ; introduction by Michel Kail and Raoul Kirchmayr ; afterword by Fredric Jameson.

Publisher: London ; New York : Verso, 2016.

Call Number: 194 S2514W 2016


The encyclopedia of political thought / by Garrett Ward Sheldon.

Publisher: New Delhi : Viva Books, 2017.

Call Number: REF 320.03 S5443E 2017


The philosophy of mind : classical problems/ contemporary issues / edited by Brian Beakley and Peter Ludlow. Edition: 2nd edition.

Publisher: New Delhi : PHI Learning, 2006.

Call Number: 128.2 P5685 2006



Energy science / by Ashok Kumar.

Publisher: New Delhi (India) : Venus Books, 2015.

Call Number: 531.6 K9637E 2015


An introduction to nuclear physics / Yatramohan Jana.

Publisher: New Delhi : Narosa Publishing, 2015.

Call Number: 539.7 J331I 2015


Optics for technicians / Max J. Reidl.

Publisher: Bellingham, Washington : SPIE Press, 2015.

Call Number: 535 R552O 2015


Introduction to optics / Frank 1. Pedrotti, Leno M. Pedrotti, Leno S. Pedrotti. Edition: 3rd edition.

Publisher: New Delhi ; Upper Saddle River, N.J. : Pearson Prentice Hall, 2014.

Call Number: 535 P372I 2014


Concepts of biophysics / by Ashok Kumar.

Publisher: New Delhi (India) : Random Publications, 2015.

Call Number: 571.4 K9637C 2015


Principles of physics / Halliday David, Jearl Walker and Robert Resnick. Edition: 10th edition.

Publisher: Hoboken NJ : Wiley, 2014.

Call Number: 530 H188P 2014



The Wiley Blackwell handbook of the psychology of coaching and mentoring / edited by Jonathan Passmore, David B. Peterson, and Teresa Freire.

Publisher: Malden : Wiley-Blackwell, 2013.

Call Number: 158.3 W6765 2013


Theories of development : contentions, arguments, alternatives / Richard Peet, Elaine Hartwick. Edition: 3rd edition.

Publisher: New York ; London : Guilford Press, 2015.

Call Number: 338.9 P3755T 2015


Neuroscience for counselors and therapists : integrating the sciences of mind and brain / Chad Luke.

Publisher: Los Angeles ; London : SAGE Publications, 2016.

Call Number: 612.8233 L9544N 2016


Religious Studies

Islam in a post secular society : religion, secularity and the antagonism of recalcitrant faith / by Dustin J. Byrd.

Publisher: Leiden : Brill, 2017.

Call Number: 297.09 B9951I 2017


Critique of religious thought / Sadik J. al-Azm ; with a new foreword by the author ; translated from the Arabic by George Stergios and Mansour Ajami.

Publisher: Berlin, Germany : Gerlach Press, 2015.

Call Number: 297 S125C 2015


Best wishes for common days and special days by Harold E. Kohn ; Illustrated by the author.

Publisher: Grand Rapids : William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, 1969.

Call Number: 242 K795B 1969


Preaching Islamic revival : Amr Khaled, mass media and social change in Egypt / Susanne Olsson.

Publisher: New York : I.B. Tauris & Co. Ltd., 2015.

Call Number: 297.0962 O528P 2015

Analytical lexicon to the Septuagint / Bernard A. Taylor ; with word definitions by J. Lust, E. Eynikel, and K. Hauspie

Publisher: Peabody, Mass. : Hendrickson Publishers, Inc. ; Stuttgart, Germany : Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft, c2009.

Call Number: 221.4803 T2381A 2009